Once upon a time, an elderly carpenter and an even older ironworker lived together on the edge of an ancient forest.

They would often walk along the forest paths, quietly contemplating the majesty of nature.

On one such walk, they came upon an ancient oak that had been felled by lightening.

The carpenter and the ironworker wanted to honour the life that had been. So, from a section of the tree they fashioned a simple bench upon which forest visitors could rest. That way the essence of the venerable oak would live on.

The years went by. The carpenter and the ironworker eventually went on to their own reward. The forest became a park amidst a sprawling city. Yet The Park Bench remained to fulfill its purpose, to be a place where people could spend time peacefully contemplating their lives.

Some began to treat the bench as a friend. People found that not only did they feel better after sitting on the bench, they seemed to think better while sitting on it.

Then one night, a trio of magical creatures arrived in the park, discovered the bench and wondered what tales it could tell …