I am going to break this up into two posts. The posts are about accountability or the lack of it. 

I’ll start with the Information Media. 

In my first post, I mentioned that, in my opinion, a headline or news clip won’t give you enough information to make a reasonable decision. 

And unfortunately, a case in point, is the headline “China withheld information for 6 crucial days”. I say this because, further down, the story provides a different picture than that headline and the first paragraphs present. 

Now, this is not to let Chinese officials avoid responsibility for bungling their response to their domestic Covid 19 crisis and their other abuses of power. I’ll get to this in the next post. So stay tuned.

My present concern is if that headline is more misinformation than information, who holds the media accountable?

Sure you can change the channel or cancel your subscription or write a letter to the editor. However, that doesn’t correct the error. Somebody else may not recognize the misinformation for what it is and act accordingly. 

The Media is fairly quick to hold others accountable. Who does the same with the media? If a “news story” contributes to a war getting started, or even if funds are diverted to the military that could be better used elsewhere, the media needs to be held accountable.

It’s a tricky area. 

From what I can see, freedom of the press is so important to a democracy that the press gets a free ride. I personally think censorship is more dangerous than the alternative. 

However, in the interests of checks and balances, maybe we need to have a body that is set up to confront media misinformation from all sides of the political spectrum. 

Because like this pandemic, if a war starts, we’re all in it together.

(Continued on Post 2 (b)

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