This is the start of a number of posts as I try to make sense of this situation for myself. The information may change as we learn more about the virus and about our efforts to contain it.

The first couple of points are more about people than the virus itself:

  • We live in a world of sensationalism, histrionics, political opportunism, conspiracy theories, blaming and shaming. While as much fun as this is normally, I don’t think that kind of approach will help us much here.
  • You won’t get the information you need by reading a headline or the first few paragraphs of a story or watching a news clip. Sorry, most of that is for entertainment not information purposes.
  • And, come on, folks. Let’s be honest with ourselves. We knew this pandemic was coming. We have been warned about it regularly for decades now. However, being who we are, like many uncomfortable facts of life, we chose to ignore the warnings and hope for the best. Well, like that maxed out credit card, our collective bill has come due. Let’s work together to sort this out.

Now back to the virus:

  • This virus is powerful. Think of it more like the measles and mumps or even Ebola rather than the cold/flu. This isn’t exactly comforting but there you are! Having said that, most people who get it, survive it.
  • This virus travels fast. You can’t outrun it. You are best to hide. E.g. stay home as much as possible. 
  • Despite the rising death toll, I think that the world is handling this much better than we might have in previous generations. It’s not like the Black Death as portrayed in Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”.  We don’t have people roaming the streets with pushcarts, calling out “Bring out your dead”. Yet.

Stay safe. History show that we will get through this.