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  • Sat K’s Monthly is meant for a mature audience. Mature excludes anyone who, in the interest of free speech, demands boycotts against anyone who says something they don’t like. I am talking about you, not the other person, you. I’m just saying.

Where Are We Coming From

For security reasons, we move around alot.

Sat K’s Monthly could be coming from virtually anywhere in the world or anywhere in the virtual world.

Like this episode could have been coming from my own home… could have.

Then I just had to make those smart-ass comments about Downton Abbey and other “upper class twits and their servants” TV shows.

And the Royals, sheesh! Who cares about The Royals? When are people going to fully embrace the concept of democracy?

Apparently I crossed a line.

It seems a certain person living here takes such TV Fare seriously and protectively.

Well, I could go on. However, I only have so much time to use the computers at the local library. I have to write this Monthly and a written apology.

Hmm, principles versus sleeping on the couch?

We May have the product for you!

And say, are you one of those people who aren’t quite sure about your sexuality. Well, we may have the product for you.

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Our Home Sexual Preference Test Kit is the total package.

Get out the pen and the recording chart. Put the blood pressure reader on your arm. Select one of the unidentified foil packets. Open it and retrieve the litmus paper inside. The paper is coated with specifically-flavoured imitation sexual-secretions. Pop the paper in your mouth while scratching and sniffing that packet’s label. Record your blood-pressure reaction.

Once you have done this for all the packets in your kit, open up the sealed envelope and compare your reactions with the chart inside.

And voila, you’ll know who your dream date really is!

Sat K’s Home Sexual Preference Test is also available to schools and public recreational facilities struggling with determining who is or is not eligible for which washroom.

Caution: Sat K bears no responsibility for false positives nor those who wish to remain in denial.

This month’s “Could have been News!”

A social justice warrior, a social democrat, a liberal, a conservative and a libertarian walked into a bar. A few minutes later, everyone else walked out and went to another bar where they could talk rationally.

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Supporting Sat Ks Cause of the Month

This month’s support opportunity for you loyal Satirical K followers arises from yet one more conflicting report on healthy food.

Experts now recommend that you just go ahead and eat!

It seems that worry is more harmful than any particular food substance.

The only people who really need to worry about food are those who don’t have anything to eat.

So to help spread the word. Get a white T-shirt and write on it – “F U – I’m Hungry!”

This Month’s Feature Post

Another Installment of Contacts with The Oubliant

Sally next explained her tribe’s preferred method for dealing with threats from the outside. She called it “Reverse Herd Mentality”.

Regular Herd Mentality works like this:

Large carnivores attack the herd. The herd tries to run away, a straggler gets separated from the herd, the carnivores eat the straggler, the herd mourns for a few minutes and then goes back to grazing as if nothing happened. And the carnivores return again and again.

If anything threatens The Oubliant, every member turns and charges at the threat and stomps it into the ground.

Sally pointed out that if the buffalo had followed The Oubliant’s Reverse Herd Mentality, there would still be plenty of buffalo around and indigenous people would still own all their land.

Of course, Sally further pointed out that if the buffalo had used the approach even earlier there would be no indigenous people around claiming to own buffalo land.

In today’s world the Oubliant’s stomping is more about collecting sensitive information on public officials and about exercising stock options.

However, The Oubliant aren’t above using a little physicality when the need or mood arises. This is done quietly, efficiently and sometimes means leaving the head of a prized racehorse in someone’s bed.

This Oubliant “Don’t be a Bossy Pants” attitude applies to their own day-to-day interactions.

The Oubliant believe in consensus. They have no leaders. They will however occasionally give someone the authority to act on their behalf – if that person seems better at whatever it is that needs doing and understands that they aren’t that special.

If someone even starts to boss other people around, the rest simply pick that person up and throw them in the river. In wintertime a snow bank is substituted.

Sally herself had a refreshing visit with the river three times last week.

The Oubliant realize that there are others who aren’t so freedom loving and therefore remain a threat. That’s why The Oubliant remain active in the outside world, under the cover of darkness, armed with the head of a racehorse and an explanatory note.


So that’s it for this issue of Sat K’s Monthly, just one part of The Possible Ks family.

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