It snowed again last night – April 7!

So it’s time to re-post a poem about such an event that I wrote many years ago.

Sn’Ode in Springtime

It snowed last night …. again!

I knew it was going to snow, it always does you see.

Even so, I had hoped it wouldn’t, so very silly me

I hoped we might get lucky. It was so warm last week

And the sun had melted the ice in the creek

Still it snowed last night …. again!

The snow will melt today or perhaps tomorrow.

But that won’t make it warm but rather just the opposite

In fact, it will seem colder, I feel so very desperate

When I look at the people down south sunning

That they’ve run in the newspaper three days running

The snow probably won’t melt now until tomorrow.

It gets me every year, you know

A February thaw, the thermometer rising in a late winter tease

And my blood starts running like the sap in maple trees

And I’m thinking of the water and the boats and the beach

But, darn, the real good weather is still so far out of reach

It gets to me every year.

Getting out of bed is such a chore

Not so in full winter or in summer or even, yes, the fall

There is so much that I like to do, I rarely ever stall.

But then there’s springtime mornings and I struggle to get dressed

Because I look outside my window and get so darned depressed

Getting out of bed is really such a chore.

Where do the find those poets?

The ones with rhymes and versus and ever joyous sonnets

And odes to kite flying and parades with Easter Bonnets

They talk of gentle rainfall while we suffer through a flood

They talk of new buds greening but they never mention mud

Phooey on the poets

I hate this time of year

Thinking of May Flowers does not make it better

When I have to suffer March and April and it’s colder and it’s wetter

And the dampness goes right through me worse than any Arctic blast

And with every springtime snowflake I cry out …how much longer can it last

I really, really, really do not like this time of year.

But, you know, this could be the last snowfall this year.

The sun is moving closer as each day draws to an end

And although it’s been moving slowly, it’s coming round the bend

One of these days, it will arrive and do its warm-up chores

And once again I’ll escape this joint into the great outdoors

Uh huh, this could just be the last snowfall this year.