Okay so…

My first epublishing venture “Canadian? Me?” is now available at Amazon-Kindle and Smashwords. I expect it to be available to your computer this week on other on-line bookstores as well!

Want to put some meaning into the holidays? Want to feel included rather than excluded? “Canadian? Me? – Celebrating Life in This Land Together “is for you!

In a pageant-style meant to capture the spirit of Being Canadian, the book presents a model for shared celebration times and “reasons for the seasons”.

This book is written in response to those who would focus on our differences to the point of turning diversity into divisiveness. This book focuses on what can bring us together.

“Canadian? Me?” is for anyone who experiences Canada – its spectacular geography, its contrasts and challenges, its rich and complex history, its diversity of people and yes, even its weather, and says “Yes! I am Canadian!”

(Note there is another Kevin McGill who distributes through Smashwords and his stuff looks interesting, too. However, he is not me.)

For those of you familiar with this site, Canadian? Me? is a culmination of the Canadian K’s postings.