So what’s your take on this “Screening of Immigrants for Canadian Values” issue.


To me, it’s simple and specific.

There are three “values” areas those wishing to gain entrance to Canada need to follow.

The first is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. All applicants need to agree to follow that Charter, including respecting that their spouse, children and other family and friends shall be accorded the same rights and freedoms.

The second is the Criminal Code of Canada and the various Child Welfare Acts. The person needs to agree that these laws supersede any other traditional practices or codes.

The third involves the practice of democracy. When disputes arise, they agree to settle these disputes through dialogue and working towards consensus.

Beyond that, Immigration Officials, like all other government officials, would need to demonstrate that they got “informed consent”. Do the applicants understand that to which they are agreeing?

That’s simple and specific.