Twas told the Sons of Adam

– “You see it’s all Eve’s fault!

When she came before him naked, it caused his brain to halt.

Such temptation must be tempered, women men must boss

Women can’t be trusted since Paradise they lost”


Such arrows found their target in some men’s disconnect

For men who felt uncertain it would help them walk erect

Thence many a Son of Adam would sing this brutal song

To force women to obey them would somehow show them strong


Oh, it gave some men great pleasure, this power to cause pain

Bathed in self-delusion while women held them in disdain

Women’s passions left to smolder turned to dreams of charming prince

And the heat within them sizzled with that image ever since


Thus the sword that split the genders spawned from Beauty’s thighs

A fire-breathing dragon to shrivel egos down to size

Charming thoughts fed the flames and though men would aspire

Lances forged in prowess feared could not last in dragon fire


Abashed some left their homeland to spread their story east and west

Yet everywhere they landed another dragon came to rest

And still they sought to conquer, to spread the mighty word

Riding splintered horses on this carousel absurd




Enchanted woods they burned to ground, now naked in their clothing

No place left to hide the lie with reckoning arriving

Then many the Sons of Adam became too the Sons of Eve

Seeing past the mirror of those who would deceive


Man need not find fault in woman to have a place in family

And dragon’s heat turns to warmth without such jealousy

Sons of Adam, Sons of Eve, the sin original true

Was believing the lie of one and a half instead of thinking two

A posting from Kevin McGill’s The Possible Ks

Canadian Satire, Poetry, Social Justice Commentary & Inspiration

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