If someone’s feeling angry who’s in my world today,

I feel that it’s my duty to make this go away

Lest glances turn to harsh words, or curses even shouts,

For else it must be my fault, of that I have no doubt.


The lonely and the sad sacks, a tear, a frown, a sob;

Seems keeping people happy is now my daily job!

The lip that starts to quiver sends shivers up my spine

That melancholy, baby, was yours but now is mine.


Laughter cannot be trusted, if done at one’s expense,

This never really knowing, increases my suspense.

Panic, mistrust and loathing, it’s all the same to me

I’m a person overloaded with chronic empathy!


So smile but not too brightly and shield me from your tears

And if you’re feeling angry? Please stay away my dears!

I find I’m feeling peaked, yet want not to offend,

This feeling other’s feelings is something I must mend!

A posting from Kevin McGill’s The Possible Ks

Canadian Satire, Poetry, Social Justice Commentary & Inspiration

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