Welcome to Sat K’s Monthly,

a satirical slant on our silly society.

Sat K’s Monthly is meant for a mature audience. That excludes anyone who refuses to believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy yet believes that they shouldn’t have to pay taxes. I’m just saying.

And hey, this month’s feature is our first ever Comic Strip!!!

Where Are We Coming From

For security reasons, we move around alot.

Sat K’s Monthly could be coming from virtually anywhere in the world or anywhere in the virtual world.

Like this episode may be coming from Stand Your Ground Organic Farm. SYG is taking the battle for safer food right to ground zero. Their operation is located smack dab in the middle of a Genetically Modified Foods testing ground. Just down the road is the heavy water recycling plant operated by Totally Safe Nuclear. And across the road is the government’s new waste disposal incinerator.

Stand Your Ground refuses to use any environmentally unfriendly products in growing their food. They have also had a long talk with their plants.

They have convinced those plants to refuse pollen from insects coming in contact with GMF’s, to no longer drink rainwater and to hold their breath whenever the wind blows towards them from the incinerator.

In short, Stand Your Ground Organic Farm is living in their own little bubble.

Their motto is “If you can believe in something hard enough, you can shut the rest of the world out.”

We May have the product for you!

And say, are you and your partner one of those “pale-skinned” young couples thinking about starting a family. Yet, you are worried about the effects of “reverse racism” on your future child’s future.

Well, we may have the product for you.

It’s our high-tech, state of the art, top quality yet affordable “DNA Colourizer”

Yessirree, just like they can now add colour to those old black and white films, you can now genetically-modify your unborn child’s skin-colour blue print.

And like that hair-colouring stuff for men whose hair is turning gray, DNA Colourizer lets you decide just how much white-ness you want to lose.

A note of caution, some people using DNA Colourizer may experience the following side-effects: an inability to get a taxi at night, a sporadic yearning for spicier foods and a temporary 25 percent reduction in social privilege.

And please remember, the effects of DNA Colourizer are irreversible.

“Once you change the colour game, black and white just ain’t the same.”

This month’s “Could have been News!”:

Activists are calling for even more action beyond the recent treaty signed by Indigenous groups to fight any proposals to build more oil and gas pipelines.

They are urging Indigenous Communities to stop taking any Federal Government money raised through taxation and licensing of Big Oil and other corporate entities.

When pressed as to where the money was going to come from to meet treaty obligations, a federal spokesperson was heard to mutter, “Thank God, we still have revenues coming in from less morally suspect avenues such as alcohol, tobacco and gambling.”

Call to Action – Supporting Sat Ks Cause of the Month

This month’s support opportunity for you loyal Satirical K followers arises from the continuing confusion about who to vote for in upcoming elections.

Call us old-fashioned, however, we think our grandparents knew best. Come election-time they would simply wait around to see who was going to buy their vote.

So just don’t give your vote away, let us sell it for you.

All you have to do is sign over your voting proxy to us. Then, at election time, we will hold an auction and sell those proxies off to the highest bidders.

When the election is over, we will split up the money evenly, minus our 10 percent brokering fee.

Sat K says “Make your vote work for you.”

This Month’s Feature Post:


So that’s it for this issue of Sat K’s Monthly, just one part of The Possible Ks family.