Welcome to Sat K’s Monthly,

a satirical slant on our silly society.

This month includes our second attempt at comic stripping.

Sat K’s Monthly is meant for a mature audience. That excludes anyone devastated because some other person left the toilet seat up. C’mon folks, “look before you leap”! I’m just saying.

Where is Sat K’s Monthly Coming From?

For security reasons, we move around alot.

Sat K’s Monthly could be coming from virtually anywhere in the world or anywhere in the virtual world.

Like this episode may be coming from the mythical “Island of Apologies”. This is where that special brand of “political” apologies is grown. The Island of Apologies is close to the “Island of Sincerity” but obviously not close enough.

We May have the product for you!

And say, are you one of those people who love the fall colours but hate raking and bagging leaves.

Well, we may have the product for you.

It’s our new high-tech, state of the art, top quality yet affordable Stealth Leaf Blower.

Unlike other Leaf Blowers, The Stealth is virtually noise-free.

Just wait until it’s dark, turn it on and its powerful silent blower will send those leaves onto your neighbour’s lawn without anyone being the wiser.

Plus, avoid blow-back! Purchase our “Exclusive Rights” package.

For a modest fee plus processing, shipping and handling costs, we will guarantee that we will not knowingly sell a Stealth Leaf Blower to anyone else in your neighbourhood.

And if you act now, we will send along our “Temporary Fencing” accessory. Put it up around your house afterward and those leaves are gone for good.

The Stealth Leaf Blower, the best blow job you are likely to get.

This month’s “Could have been News!”:

The Commons is coming back to The People!

Back when the predecessors of today’s Royal Families took over private ownership of everything, the Commons was a small plot of land allowed to the peasants. Once they had finished their mandatory work for The Royals, the peasants could use The Commons to grow their own food.

Eventually, The Royals even decreed that this little bit of freedom must be privately owned. They took it over and either sold it or gave it out as a special favour for services rendered.

Besides, if people were generally able to fend for themselves, they wouldn’t have much use for working for The Royals. Or, for that matter, in fighting wars for The Royals against other Royals.

The Royals are now drawing up a list of various patches of land that they feel are more bother than they are worth. (Incidentally, this mirrors a growing sentiment about the Royals themselves.)

These lands will now be turned over to the government to be used as parklands and nature preserves. Once again however they are not be used for activities such as feeding one’s family.

One old timer was heard to say, “Well, now that we got that back, I wonder if Sid will return that screwdriver he borrowed last year. Now that’s something I could actually use.”

Call to Action – Supporting Sat Ks Cause of the Month

This month’s support opportunity for you loyal Satirical K followers arises from the news that the Toronto Fashion Week has been cancelled.

What will Toronto do without the tourists dollars made from strutting some feathers, beads and skin to international trophy wives, aging drag queens and social media stars? Who’s going to buy that week’s leftover cocaine and champagne?

However, we are most concerned about the potential dire economic consequences to all those eating disorder counselors and diet gurus. Where would they be without the fashion-industry-driven obsessiveness of “thin is in”?

Here’s where you can help.

Register now for Sat Ks’ Binge and Purge contest.

For less than the cost of a case of antacids and a bottle of toilet cleaner, you could win yourself a size 3 mini-dress made from unforgiving imitation silk. The winner will also receive a photo-shopped picture of her or himself looking like a famine refugee.

Enter today. Just go down to your local dress shop displaying our “Sick is better than Fat” poster.

And remember to binge and purge when you get the urge!

This Month’s Feature Post

Here’s our second attempt at comic stripping. (You thought it might be a video of me taking my clothes off didn’t you? Naughty, naughty!

So that’s it for this issue of Sat K’s Monthly, just one part of Kevin McGill’s The Possible Ks family.