You’re so inconsistent. You’re neither right nor left nor comfortably in the center.


Well, I’ve never been much of a joiner.

I don’t live my life as if I have to constantly pay some sort of membership dues.

And I don’t look to be different just to be different.

Mostly I am just trying to figure out what might work for most of us in a given situation without creating undue harm to the minority.


But people seem to feel a need to think in terms of “us versus them”.


Yeah well, maybe “they” could be people who don’t want to work it out and “we” could be those who do.

Couldn’t “them” be those who hurt and hate and “us” be all those who work at not doing that?

That would be an “us” worth joining.

I really think that if we took time to understand why we fall for this us versus them stuff we’d get to a better place.

As far as consistency goes, I defer to the Golden Rule – Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you.

And I add its companion – That which you do onto the least of these, you do onto your god, i.e. how you treat any of god’s creations needs to reflect your respect for the Creator

Simple really.

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