Democracy can be saved.

Here are 5 action steps that we can take immediately.


  1. Beware of anyone who wants your money or your vote who is telling you what you want to hear. As a citizen, you need to hear what you need to hear whether you like what you are hearing or not.
  2. Don’t give in to arguments that are based on emotional appeals and “doomsday scenarios”. Reject the “fear factor”. Also reject those promising heaven on earth or talking about “our kind of people versus those kind of people.” These are all standard manipulations to get you to stop thinking and hand over your power to dangerous people.
  3. Democracy is not some kind of high school sport – your team against theirs. Democracy means that we are all in this together. We need to think win-win rather than win-lose. The goal is consensus not simple majority rule.
  4. Start thinking of yourself as “the Boss”. Democracy means “rule by the people”! The ultimate decision rests with you, not the party nor your elected representative.
  5. And speaking of representatives, good representative government requires good representatives. That brings us to KSEA. – Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Attitude.

Does this person applying for the job of representative have the knowledge of people, government systems and democracy to understand and do the job.

Does this person have the skills to find and sort through information and to work with others to come to a consensus?

Does this person have a broad enough exposure to different life situations to be able to understand the effects that decisions may have? Have they successfully worked with or for others different from them? Can they show proof of this?

Does this person have the necessary attitude? Does this person embrace democracy and is this person a hard and diligent worker who sees the job as getting you good information

So that’s a start. 5 action ideas that each of us can do.

We can do this. Democracy can be saved.